How the Beijing Olympics Logo was invented

Thursday, May 8th, 2008


This is the politically correct method that China used to create the Beijing Olympics Logo. First, find a convict that’s sentenced to the death penalty and pin them against a wall in front of the firing squad.

How to Draw the Beijing Olympics Logo Step 1.

Now, using the Firing Squad, shoot the convict directly in the middle of his/her body, make sure you spill as much blood as possible.

The Politically Correct way of Drawing the Beijing Olympics.

As the convict is dying, allow him to slowly slide down and you will find that the Beijing logo will begin to appear.

How to Draw the Beijing Olympics Logo.

The convict will soon die, if you have a few surgeons by your side then you will be able to extract the body for parts and sell them on the black market.

How to Draw the Beijing Olympics Logo.

And there we have it, the Official Beijing Olympics Logo for 2008. See.. Communism does work.

communism - the Beijing Olympics Logo.